pleased to meet me

In terms of really solid, committed, and unflinching ideas about the world, I’m still a few laps behind the pack. Which is partly why I’ve decided to become a blogger – To find a way to fit into the world and to explore the multiplicity of meanings that are a big part in making life so incredible, limitless, and exciting. I don’t believe that things are so black and white/good and evil/beautiful and ugly and all that jazz. That is entirely too simple, and it keeps the world’s inhabitants from really growing to appreciate everything in all of its glorious uncertainty. “That guy” can claim his knowledge of everything all he wants, and maybe he can argue his points more effectively than I can. Maybe he has manipulated the English language in such a way that he has structured an entire world to fit into place as HE sees it. But, essentially, he knows nothing. His perception of the world is just as unstable as it is for the rest of us. Nothing is so fixed or unquestionable, no matter how pretty or convincing that guy – or anybody else in the world – may make it sound.

This is an important idea to me, and guides my attempts to grow as a writer/artist/person. I’m hoping this blog will be beneficial not only to myself, but to anyone who may stumble across it. It would be pretty neat if I made some friends through blogging as well. Who needs RL friends when you have blogging buddies anyway?


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